I have tried to use py2exe to wrap my web application associated with my python application server for end users but failed. 
I want to use py2exe and INNO SETUP to wrap everything so that a user does not have to install python.
My code is organized as follows:
   # __init__.py in every subdirectory for python codes
   # matplotlib, pyExcerator,numpy etc are used in the application
               bin/serial_port/main_sps.py   #script to start the application server
               bin/serial_port/*.py               #be imported by main_sps.py
               bin/*.py                               #many other modules
               db/*.py                                #more py files for the application code
               htdocs/                                # for web pages
               htdocs/jslib/*.js                     # javascript libs
               htdocs/xxxx/*.html                 # html web pages
               htdocs/graphics/*.jpg            # images for web pages
               scripts/                                # python files (first line #!c:/python24/python.exe)
               scripts/xxxx/*.py                   # associated with the html pages.
   The python applicatin server start from c:/gdas/bin/serial_port/main_sps.py with multithreading. A user can login the system via the html page in c:/gdas/htdocs/xxxx/*.html. 
    I really appreciate your suggestions. A py2exe setup example would be very helpful. Thanks a lot.