Sorry for the confusion and lack of information.  I was able to fix my problem when a fellow py2exe user requested more information regarding the problem.  I just made a simple mistake, and when questions were proposed, some neurons fired in the brain that allowed me to easily see my mistake.  Thanks for the help though.

On 5/7/07, Larry Bates <> wrote:
Brian Key wrote:
> Users,
> I am using 'py2exe' to convert multiple *.py files into single *.exe
> files.  I bundle all the *.exe files with Inno Setup 5 into a single
> setup.exe file.  I am wondering if there is a way for 'py2exe' to
> combine multiple *.py files into just one *.exe file within the
> file.  That way when I use Inno Setup 5, only one *.exe file is copied
> to the applications directory rather than multiple *.exes.  Any help
> would be appreciated.
> Brian

How would a user run the resulting .EXE file and what would it do?
If eacy .py file represents a separate program, can't combine multiple
programs into a single .EXE.  You could re-factor your individual
.py files so that each of them represented a sub-part of a top-level
program and that way make them into a single .EXE.  I think we
need more info before we can help you further.