I took out the manifest and that did the trick!

Now that I have my 6.9MB exe, are there typical things that I can exclude to get the exe size down?

Rick King

Werner F. Bruhin wrote:

Rick King wrote:
I have Windows XP, Python 2.6.4, wxPython, py2exe 0.6.9 for 
python 2.6. I'm trying to create an exe of a wxPython program using a 
modified setup.py that I got out of the samples directory for single 
file wxpython gui programs.

To be able to create anything I had to copy msvcp90.dll into the source 
directory, and then after creating the exe, run the .exe in a directory 
with msvcr90.dll available. (I have the most recent MS Visual Studio 
installed, so I had these files on my system.)

However, when I run the exe I get R6034 "attempt to load the c-runtime 
library incorrectly".

Have a look at:

It is a while ago that I worked on that (I believe it was Py 2.6.2 at 
the time) but I think your problem is that you have a manifest in your 
setup.py.  As of wxPython 2.8.?? this is not needed and is actually 
causing a problem with Python 2.6.

Hope this helps

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