Werner F. Bruhin wrote:
I did that before I move my dev machine to Win 7 and had no problems.
I now py2exe my app in Win 7 and deploy to Win 7, Vista and XP without 
any problem.

"Access is denied" points to a permission issue and I don't think this 
is caused by py2exe.

How do you install it on Win 7?  Are you making sure that nothing user 
writable is installed into "program files" folder - this is not 
permitted as of Vista already.
Ah, you are using py2exe in windows 7? I'm using py2exe in windows XP. This sounds like I have to use py2exe in windows 7 to make executables for windows 7. Has anyone else managed to make executable for windows 7 from windows XP?
What file gives the access denied error?
It doesn't say what file, it just says access is denied.
Thanks again.