I use the standard python logging module wit py2exe (very simple implementation, though) and I haven't experienced any trouble at all

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> Sent: Tuesday, May 19, 2009 6:21 PM
> TypeError: not all arguments converted during string formatting

Bug in your program.  That message occurs when you give the % operator more
parameters than the format string asked for.  For example:

print "%s" % (1,2)

will print that error, as the format string only needs 1 parameter, but I've
given it two.

I'm not certain, but that error may also be given by certain
variable-parameter methods.  You may be giving one of the logging methods
more parameters than it needs.

> import sys
> if hasattr(sys, "frozen"):
>     import logging
>     logging._srcfile = r"logging\__init__.pyo"

> but I don't really know where to put those lines

Standard place to put stuff like that is in your "main" (i.e. under 'if
__name__=="__main__"' in whichever module starts up your program).  However

> if hasattr(sys, 'frozen'): #support for py2exe
>     _srcfile = "logging%s__init__%s" % (os.sep, __file__[-4:])

It looks like logging already has this fix, as this code is just a more
complex way of doing the same thing.  You shouldn't need that "fix" code at


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