Mark Hammond wrote:
Mark Hammond wrote:
I think this will be fixed in Python 2.6.2; you should either revert
to 2.5, wait for 2.6.2, or build 2.6 yourself from sources.
Ouch that is bad news.

Why is moving back to 2.5 such a burden?

because I have some custom modules. Compiling those for 2.5 requires a version of Visual Studio that is no longer available.

What is different between the 2.6 that I could build from sources
the current visual studio) and the released one?

Fixes to the way imports are done were checked in after 2.6.1

aha so not just build from source but build from cvs/svn that makes sense.
Do you have a concrete pointer which files to look at for this? (as I would need to port those changes to stackless python too, so building a complete checkout would be more of an issue I guess).