Hi, i'm trying to add database Support to my python projet( http://palabre.gavroche.net ), and Adodb works great for that.

But I can't figure how to enable adodb in py2exe ?

The only help I've seen is :
ADODB package Modules named adodb_xxx (like adodb_mysql) are not added automatically, must be added explicitly

But How ?
via : py_modules = ['adodb.adodb','adodb.adodb_mysql ' , ... ] in setup.py ?

I tried, but i'm always having having :
AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'Connect'

when i try to connect via my EXE file :(
As if my Object  Adodb object is empty ;(

Of course the computer i'm building the exe with has all the MySQLdb, odbc, pywin32 , psyco... modules installed

Any help would be really appreciated