When using an isotherm, be sure to practice proper measurement techniques giving particular consideration to viewing angle, spot measurement size and emissivity settings. The unique targeting technology offered in this system is an important feature that allows our customers greater accuracy and precision in their field operations.
Images were taken at sunset following a sunny day. For nearly 30 years, Infraspection Institute has been recognized as the world leader in training and certification for infrared thermographers. When evaluating an imager for resolution, physically try the imager under actual working conditions.
" There are many aggregators available for free as well as some that charge a fee.
RSS feeds can provide thermographers with up-to-the minute news and information on thermography and related PdM and NDT topics. In particular, level and gain settings may be adjusted within the imager or in manufacturer-supplied software.
For accurate diagnosis, all thermal imagery should be verified with invasive testing. The company has delivered over 1100 similar units since 2001.
This can save you time and money while increasing your accuracy.
When interior building components are cooled to dew point temperature or lower, water vapor will precipitate out of the air causing water to form on the subject component.
Depending upon imager capabilities, stored image files can be recalled and post processed. Typical detector sizes for industrial imagers range from 160W by 120H to 320W by 240H; some detectors may have more or less pixels.