Antony Kummel wrote:

Just wondering what the black hole is good for. I've used py2exe to make executables which I run as subprocesses using another executable. I don't want them to have a console window, so I have two options: hiding it, or making windows executables. However, one of them is a GUI application, so hiding it hides the GUI frame, so I only have the choice of making windows executables. However, I want to capture these executables' output for logging purposes. I see
So save it to a file ?

Either you want the black console window or not. You can't both have it and not have it - which is what you appear to be asking for !?

You can use my StandOut module for logging the output of all print statements to file.


I hope that helps,


no reason why I should be prevented from getting it. I had to override the black hole for that, but I can't understand why anyone would need it in the first place.


Antony Kummel.

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