ok, thanks for the answers..
anyway i could try to do the porting to python 3.
i'm not an expert of python, but if it's not a really difficult task i could work on it and also learn something new!
i just need some explanation of what i have to do and where..
someone couls help?

but i have another question:
there's a way to use py2exe on a source written in python 3? (may i transform a program written whit p3 in an exe?)

On Sun, Aug 9, 2009 at 8:30 PM, Mark Hammond <skippy.hammond@gmail.com> wrote:
On 9/08/2009 4:59 AM, Chris Spencer wrote:
> The unfortunate thing is that this project seems to have hit the
> "unmaintained" status level.  The maintainers haven't touched py2exe
> for months and months.

It is actually closer to "the existing maintainers aren't doing any
active development".  Any real bugs are generally looked at, and that
work you refer to "months and months" ago was directly related to making
it work correctly with Python 2.6 - which you now call the most stable
and supported release.

This is open source - if people want features they should look into the
code, work out how to add it, then "just do it".  That is exactly how I
got involved in the first place.  If others would consider offering
their time to this project, then it again could continue to grow.  But
if everyone just expects the same 2 or 3 people to do all the work year
after year, then disappointment and stagnation is guaranteed with this,
and every, project.



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