I have created an app using python and then converting it to an exe
using py2exe, and have the following code:

"icon_resources": [(1, "appFavicon.ico"), (2, "dataFavicon.ico")]
in my py2exe setup file, the appFavicon works fine and it sets that as
the app icon thats fine, but the program creates data files (like
documents) and i wanted them to have a different icon...

I package my apps using Inno Setup 5, and it registers the file type
fine so that it loads on double click, what i cant do is set the icon
for the file.

as you can see i have packaged two different icons with py2exe but
when i set DefaultIcon in the registry to "C:\pathtoapp\myapp.exe,2"
it doesnt work, nor does it work with a 1 or a %1 or indeed with
passing a path to the icon itself like "C:\pathtoapp\dataFavicon.ico", nothing seems to work!!

how do you access the other icons generated from py2exe, or how do you
set the registry up so that i looks for the icon correctly,

any help appreciated,