py2exe uses a standard "distutils" build process (distutils is a Python package specifically for building and packaging).  Simply execute " install" and the right thing should happen.  It requires the appropriate msvc version be installed, but its location will be found in the registry etc - there is no need to set a specific environment before executing
If you want a debug build (for whatever reason), you would use ' build --debug install'
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    I've recently downloaded py2exe from the CVS repository but can't seem to locate any instructions for building. I assume that once the distribution is built I can install as per the release method. Can someone outline the required steps? Or perhaps point me to an article or tutorial which explains this process and the associated build requirements. I am a somewhat jaded C++ programmer who has recently discovered the joys of Python and was also pleased to find usage of my favourite GUI library (wxWidgets) was still available to me using Python. Any specific build gotcha's with Python 2.5, wxPython 2.7.2 and MinGW would also be appreciated. As a former C++ programmer py2exe has obvious interest to me but I've encountered problems with the above mentioned wxPython release. I thought I'd try building from CVS to see how many of these problems have already been addressed before asking about any specifics. Thank you in advance...