Hi Don,
You can use event viewer to debug. If you can't find any message in the event viewer than it is must be in your setup file.
Can you show us your setup file?
I've found some differences between starting from source and running the .exe while accesing files and parsing arguments. Any of these in your code?


Manuel Silva

Quoting Don Dwiggins <ddwiggins@advpubtech.com>:

I have a Windows service that I distribute in "compiled" form, using py2exe.  This has been working well, but I recently ran into a problem.  It works when starting from source, but the py2exe-built executable fails on startup with the message "Error starting service: The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion."  This message comes up immediately, so it's pretty clearly not time-related.

I've been digging into the win32serviceutil code, and I've found a clue: if I start the service in debug mode, it works without a problem.  This seems to be related to the fact that the service class I pass to HandleCommandLine is only instantiated by the DebugService method.  StartService never instantiates it, only using it to get the _svc_* attributes.  So, the ServiceFramework.__init__ method never gets called, and that's where it registers itself to the service manager.

For what it's worth, I've been using this service for quite a while, developing it on an old Win XP machine.  The trouble started when I moved over to a new Win 7 Professional system.  Have there been some changes in py2exe or pywin32 that might relate to this?

Thanks for any good words,

Don Dwiggins
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