the problem started when I switched to using numpy instead of numeric. I can run the inno setup, it installs, but when I launch it it bombs out.
I have no idea why this is happening. any clues? thanks.

Jimmy Retzlaff <> wrote:
Jeff Peery wrote:
> when I run my application I get this error message:
> "ImportError: No module named wx"
> this occurs exactly on the line where I import the wx module (i.e.,
'import wx')

I use wxPython all the time and it doesn't normally take anything
special. I don't notice any problems in your (although it is
large, so I may have missed something). Is your application doing
anything like explicitly setting the version of wx to use? I'm referring
to this... I
don't use that functionality (I just import the default version), so I
don't know how it interacts with py2exe.

Is it failing when you run the version in the dist directory, the
version installed by the generated Inno installer, or both?


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