Thank you for the reply.  I am not a windows guy so this is new to me. When i do some searching for MS CRT is come across a few dll & lib files like msvcrt.lib & msvcrt.dll & msvc71.dll are these the files you speak of?  Doing a search on my admin restricted computer with ActivePython installed i can not find what CRT ActivePython may have installed so I am unsure which one to include if any so I can uninstall ActivePython and run my exe.  Do you know off hand which file it installs?

If i Need one of these files I assume I can include them in the and bundle it into the exe?

In regards to the manifest file, I am unfamilar with them so I need to do some research and report back.

THank you for the help


On Fri, Jan 2, 2009 at 5:48 PM, Mark Hammond <> wrote:
On 3/01/2009 2:54 AM, JReed wrote:
I wrote a simple script and used py2exe to make a single file exe on my
WIndows XP laptop running ActivePython2.6. I then uninstalled python and
anything related, tested the script and it still runs fine. When I try
it on another computer without admin rights and without python
installed, it get an error message "This application has failed to start
because the application configuration is incorrect". If I install
ActivePython 2.6 it works fine, uninstall and I get this error. Is there
anyway to see what files this depends on that I may not have access to
ont he restricted account machine?

It sounds to me like you aren't distributing the MS C Runtime assembly with your application.  Installing ActivePython will have installed that assembly globally, allowing it to work without the assembly next to your executable.

For more info, see almost every other mail to this mailing list in the last 2 months or so :)