The error implies that the package was built with MSVC 2005 (not 2003 like Python itself), and so this package depends on msvc*80.dll.  I'm guessing that these DLLs are installed as a "side-by-side" assembly, so py2exe can't find it.  It *might* be enough to locate that DLL on your system and putting a copy of it in the working directory, or in system32, etc, but that is then likely to package up the DLL for distribution and its not clear that (a) you are allowed to redistribute that file or (b) that would even work!  A redistributable can be found at, so the best option may simply be to ask py2exe to ignore that DLL, and arrange for your installer to install those DLLs 'correctly', or informing the user they must install those dependencies manually.


I hope the above makes some sense…




From: [] On Behalf Of Matthews, James
Sent: Thursday, 13 September 2007 7:55 AM
Subject: [Py2exe-users] Problems with mlabwrap



       I’ve developed an application that uses matplotlib to do some real-time plotting of data sets, and had a grand-old time getting py2exe to make nice with matplotlib.  But after the helpful hints on the py2exe wiki I figured it out and can now distribute this software.  My new problem is that I’m now trying to work with the module mlabwrap ( because the old engineers here are too lazy to figure out sockets on their own and want my program’s data to be placed into MATLAB workspaces ).  Anyway, I’ve got this process working and all, but I cannot make an executable via py2exe.  I’ve attached a and to demonstrate that simply adding either of the following lines to a program, “import mlabraw” or, “from mlabwrap import mlab” causes the py2exe to fail with:

“*** finding dlls needed ***

error: MSVCP80.dll: No such file or directory“

I have not been able to find anything on the lists about this, so I’m wondering if I’m doing anything wrong here or if this is another case like the matplotlib horrors that everyone seems to experience.


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated


James L. Matthews, III

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