Hello all,
    First, I learned something today.  I had a dll module that I compiled with SWIG that was causing a crash on import.  The kind of crash from windows that lets you click debug and open up VCS.  Other swig dll modules were working fine, so I checked it out, and realized that there was a dll dependency to compile the module.  The module wrapped a driver for a usb device, so it was the dll for the driver.  I had to exclude_dll that driver dll, which my swig dll used, and then everything worked.  So that's a heads up for anyone who enjoys wrapping C device drivers with swig.  I'm not positive that my reasoning is correct, but the short  of it is, it works now because of exclude_dll.
    I also have a question about bundle.  I have a data_files line:
    data_files = [("Bitmaps",
    Is there any way to get these bitmaps bundled inside the exe, and subsequently, how would I access those from inside the code?  I stole the idea to use glob from the pygame setup example.  Its not so bad to have the extra folder, but it would be great to just hide everything.