Hi Bob,


Regarding your last point, I have now written several moderately sophisticated applications that are cross platform and see a broader argument for this. Perhaps a simple but cohesive abstraction of setup.py is in order that is a formal project, is maintained, etc.




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1st, I still consider myself new to Python although I have been spending increasing amounts of time in it, much to my satisfaction. This is juxtaposed to my corporate environment where there is less Python; although I am holding out for IronPython. Part of my helping clients (I’m a consultant) to overcome their pythonic fears is the cross platform nature which makes it the best platform of all.


Much thanks for the new single file option which is so very cool and the holy grail of an application – the 1 executable. Here comes my suggestion: I get the same functionality in py2app on my Mac environment. Why can’t you all work together to build a cohesive environment without the compiler directives?

Because the platforms do very different things and do need different arguments, and nobody with the interest has had the skills and/or time to do it.  If it's important to you, you could do it yourself or offer to pay someone to do it.


Note that py2app and py2exe do have a common subset of arguments, and it's possible to write a setup.py that supports them both without too much hassle.  Writing an application that does something useful on both platforms with the same code is another matter, though.