You probably just accidently downloaded the Python 2.3 version - check again for the 2.5 version.






From: Jacob Fenton []
Sent: Thursday, 13 November 2008 8:02 AM
Subject: [Py2exe-users] .py2.exe installation error: Python version 2.5 not detected


When I attemted to install .py2.exe version 0.6.8 I got an error that said "Error: Python version 2.3 not installed". I clicked 'OK' and it took me to a screen that had two fields: 'Python Directory' and 'Installation Directory' neither of which I could type in. All the buttons except 'Cancel' were grayed out. 

          I opened my Python command line to check the version, and it said I have version 2.5.2. Any suggestions?


J. Fenton