My name is Nikos Koukis. 
I have developed a python script for serial communication with a digital pump as a project in my university. 
The script seems to run properly when run under python and when I try to convert it to .exe the procedure doesn’t raise any error.
However when running the produced .exe I have the following error message:
File: serial\__init__.pyc in line 71 in serial_for_url
ValueError: invalid URL protocol 'loop' not known
The relevant part of the code is the following:
        self.ser = serial.Serial(port = port_name,\
                baudrate = 9600,\
                parity = 'N',\
                stopbits = 1,\
                bytesize = 8,\
                timeout = self.timeout_time)
    except serial.SerialException:
        self.ser = serial.serial_for_url('loop://',\
              timeout = self.timeout_time) # This line BLOWS!
        print sys.exc_info()[0]


It seems that after the production of the .exe file, the serial.serial_for_url(‘loop://') line doesn’t work at all.
Is there any open issue on bugs when using pyserial and py2exe? 
Is there any workaround which I could use?

Nikos Koukis
School of Mechanical Engineering
National Technical University of Athens
+30 6979852969