I’ve learning python and py2exe. I made an exe file with py2exe and the dist folder has many *.pyd files with the exe file.

I used several options such as ‘compressed’, ‘excludes’, ‘optimize’ to reduce the dist folder size.

Even I used all options mentioned on py2exe.org, It’s still big. So, I used ‘bundle_files’ option and I got only few files.

In that case, my exe file doesn’t work properly. And I try to excludes some *.pyd files with the ‘excludes’ option but it’s still existed in the folder.

Is it possible to remove the pyd file such as “_tkinter.pyd” or “win32event.pyd”? Actually, those files do not need to be in my dist folder.

Anybody has a suggestion to reduce the size of dist folder?

I appreciate with sharing your wisdom to solve my problem. :D