Hi, all


           I generated a dll file for my python script. I coded like this…




 options = { 'py2exe':{'optimize':2, 'compressed':1, 'excludes':excludes, 'packages':packages}},

 com_server = [{"modules":["test.A_test"],"create_exe": True,"create_dll": True}],



And I got the A_test.exe and A_test.dll both. However, when I try to register the dll (command>> regsvr32 A_test.dll),

I see an error message box tells “A_test.dll DllRegisterServer Filed, error code : 0x80040201”.  

I’ve been created a same dll with the same code before, and it worked and I could register the dll which I made before.

I googled the error message but I could not find any helpful information about that.

Anybody knows about this problem and give some your great advice for me?

I would appreciate your help. Thanks in advance.