#19 MemoryError on application startup

Jarek Zgoda

I just migrated to Python 2.3 and discovered, that an
application made with py2exe does not start, showing
MemoryError. The same simple script produced valid
application under Python 2.2.2:

from distutils.core import setup
import py2exe
setup(name='HtmlGen', scripts=['htmlgen.py'], )

The only 3rd party module used is wxPython.


  • Thomas Heller

    Thomas Heller - 2003-08-04

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    Jarek, can you try to create a *small' program which has
    this problem, and upload it to this bug report, so that I
    can reproduce this?

  • Thomas Heller

    Thomas Heller - 2003-08-04
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  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    I have the same pb with a wxPython.
    I wrote a small app : there is just print "toto" in the
    script file.
    When i build the exe, it prints toto.
    I add the coding comment as describe in PEP 263 in the
    script file,
    i rebuild the exe, then i have the MemoryError on
    application startup.
    I use python 2.3 and py2exe 0.4.1

  • seb leger

    seb leger - 2003-08-19

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    sorry, i wasn't logged in...
    I (sebl) am the noboby of the comment below.

  • Thomas Heller

    Thomas Heller - 2003-08-19

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    Can someone (sebl or zgoda) please attach a script plus a
    setup.py file which lets me reproduce this behaviour? So far
    it works for me.

  • seb leger

    seb leger - 2003-08-20

    Logged In: YES

    the scripts:
    bugtest.py :
    # -*- coding: latin1 -*-

    print "toto"
    setup.py :
    from distutils.core import setup
    import py2exe

    the py2exe command line :
    python setup.py py2exe

    when i remove the coding comment in bugtest.py, it does not
    produce the MemoryError on startup and prints "toto" as

  • Oleg Deribas

    Oleg Deribas - 2003-09-06

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    This bug appears only when there is coding comment in file,
    that is included in 'scripts' list (main file of application).
    All other files in my project have coding comment and there
    is not MemoryError.

  • Thomas Heller

    Thomas Heller - 2006-11-24
    • status: open --> closed-out-of-date

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