#105 duplicating some pyd files (wxPython gui)


I'am actually not sure, if it is a bug or a feature, but after installing py2exe py2exe-0.6.8 (python 2.5.2, win XPh) I noticed some differences to the executable package produced by the previous version.
Some of the pyd files seem to be duplicated with slightly different names, e.g.
wx._stc.pyd next to the original _stc.pyd or
wx._core_.pyd next to _core_.pyd
and some other wx pyd files - over 4 MB extra data in the given app (the original size without duplicates - approx. 19 MB. The resulting executables work identicaly with or without these duplicates.
These pairs of files have exactly the same size, modification time an other attributes.

Is there maybe some option to disable such circular packaging of extra files? Or are these files realy needed somehow?

Vlastimil Brom


  • Thomas Heller

    Thomas Heller - 2008-06-18

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    If these duplicate files are generated after the clean the dist folder and run py2exe again then this may be a bug.
    Can you please provide a short script that demonstrates this problem (I do not use wxPython normally)?

  • Thomas Heller

    Thomas Heller - 2008-06-18
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  • vbr

    vbr - 2008-06-18

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    Hi, I'm sorry for the noise, the "clean dist folder" was the important part I missed.
    If I run my setup script after emptying the dist folder, there is no problem anymore.
    Only some filenames are changed as mentioned in the first post, e.g. _stc.pyd > wx._stc.pyd _core_.pyd > wx._core_.pyd etc.; i.e. these filenames are prefixed with the module name wx.
    As I only added the new files to the output of the previous version of py2exe and compared it to the previous program folder, there seemed to be duplicates. Interestingly, the newly created exe-file also worked after deleting these pyd-files with new prefixed names while retaining the older ones.
    In any case, this change doesn't seem to be a bug, as I first thought. Sorry again.


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