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py-xmlrpc released

Py-xmlrpc is a fast and stable implementation of the xmlrpc spec for Python (written in C). It supports both blocking and non-blocking clients and servers on Windows and POSIX (Linux, Sun) platforms. Speed improvements are often an order of magnitude over Python's standard xmlrpclib library. This release includes several new features, including a drop-in compatibility wrapper for xmlrpclib.

Posted by Shilad Sen 2003-04-23

cvs archives available

I finally set up a cvs archive. There are two packages avaiable: py-xmlrpc, which is the current codebase, and ehs (for Event Handling System), which is the new codebase. Puruse and let me know what you think.

Posted by Shilad Sen 2002-04-12

py-xmlrpc- bugfix release

Fixes a nasty segfault bug in rpcFaultClass()

Posted by Shilad Sen 2002-03-26

py-xmlrpc- release available.

Fixed bug in module linking order that resulted in segfault upon module import.

Posted by Shilad Sen 2002-03-21

py-xmlrpc-0.8.8 has arrived

This release includes many features / fixes. See the CHANGELOG for details.

This will be the last release before moving to a new, more extensible, codebase.

Posted by Shilad Sen 2002-03-19

0.8.7 is finally done!

There are some bugfixes which should fix random segfaulting problems and also a VERY hacky inclusion of basic HTTP authentication.

Posted by Shilad Sen 2001-08-08

0.8.6 is here!

Several small feature enhancements and bug fixes are included.

Posted by Shilad Sen 2001-06-07

py-xmlrpc-0.8.5 released

Includes some minor enhancements to provide integration with zope.

Posted by Shilad Sen 2001-05-23

py-xmlrpc 0.8.4 released

Please check the changelog for recent api changes.

Posted by Shilad Sen 2001-05-18

0.8.3 py-xmlrpc released

Contains a few bug fixes and some major feature improvements!

Posted by Shilad Sen 2001-04-26