(suggested) AdvancedBot command reference

  • Vattuvargen (the water wolf)

    Is the below list close to being right? ...and NO, i'm not a developer, i just thought there was something missing from an otherwise fine piece of software.

    -- vattuvarg

    - - -


        The bot is designed to be a front end for some AdvancedDCHub functions,
        and handle others itself.
        In general, to execute a command, you send a private message to AdvancedBot. 
        "hostname Joe" will execute the hostname function with the
        argument "Joe".


        The period is a length of time, written as an integer which may
        be followed by one of the following letters:
            s (seconds)
            m (minutes)
            h (hours)
            d (days)
            w (weeks)
            y (years)

    User commands

        password nick password
            Change the password for the user's account
        torrent url description
            Suggest torrent. Don't forget to include protocol.

    OP Commands

        ban ip period note
        ban nick period note
            Ban a nick/IP for a period of time
        chat message
            Send a chat message from the bot
        getpassword nick
            Give the user's password to requester
        history nick
        history nick type
        history nick period
        history nick type period
            Give the history for an account
            type = 1, 2, 3, 4 and/or 5

        hostname nick
            Get the hostname for a user

        list ip
        list nick
        list stupidifies
        list silences
        list bans
        list nicks
        list unverified
            Give a list of related data structures
        log start
        log stop
        log level [level]
            Control remote logging via private messages
        note nick note
            Add a note to an account

        scrub type
        scrub all
            Scrub old punishment entries
        silence nick period note
            Silence a nick/IP for a given period of time
        stupidify nick period note
            Stupidify a nick/IP for a given period of time (see punish)

        torrent approve id
        torrent get
        torrent remove id
            Manage torrents on the hub
        unverify nick note
            Unverify an account

        verify nick note
            Verify an account
    Power Commands

        python code
            Execute Python commands in the hub's process
        sql code
            Run an SQL command against the database

    • Jeremy Evans

      Jeremy Evans - 2006-12-14

      That looks good to me.  In most cases it's probably better to use the UserCommands, though.  See examples/usercommands.AdvancedDCHub.

    • Vattuvargen (the water wolf)

      I'm definitely not used to DC so a good link on how to use UserCommands with py-dchub would be nice.

      • Jeremy Evans

        Jeremy Evans - 2006-12-18

        I can't find a good link about how to use them, but if you use DC++ and have usercommandsfile set in the hub configuration file, then you should see user commands if you right click on a hub or a user.  Some documentation about how to create the commands is at http://www.dcpp.net/wiki/index.php/%24UserCommand.  However, the example that comes with the hub covers all of the common needs.


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