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New Version: PXES 1.1

A new version (1.1) of PXES is now available for download. Please go to http://www.2x.com/pxes for details...

Posted by PXES Administrator 2006-04-05

PXES-1.0 Released !

After four year of continuous development, PXES Universal Linux Thin Client project is now releasing PXES-1.0 version.
The new set of features added in this last release combined with the existent set place PXES among the best thin client solutions ever.

Posted by Diego Torres Milano 2005-05-05

PXES 0.9-1 Released

This is a giant leap towards PXES 1.0, and a lot of functionality has been added. To name a few: Citrix ICA 8.00 support, local TFTP and DHCP relay to act as an appliance, and a new WindowsXP look and feel in LOCAL session, SSH server, local configuration and much more. Another important addition is the NX session. This combination allows enterprises to adopt cost-effective PXES thin client solutions to replace their current deployment. Pre-built images are also provided, including ISO, NBI, and squash.

Posted by Diego Torres Milano 2004-09-06

PXES 0.8-17PB-NX Released

Some Pre-Built (PB) images of PXES has been released, including Nomachine NX support.
The easiest way to test it is to download the ISO image, burn the CD and boot.

Posted by Diego Torres Milano 2004-05-23

PXES-0.7-1 Released

This new release of PXES Universal Linux Thin Client is another step towards a clear alternative to proprietary software in desktop computers.
# rdesktop 1.3.0 included with support for 24 bits display color when connected to a W2K3 server and sound redirection.
# Improved local session
# configure program
# and MUCH more...
See the release notes for a complete detail.

Posted by Diego Torres Milano 2003-11-17

PXES-0.6-4 (production) Released

PXES-0.6-4 has been released solving some minor bugs.
Check the release change log for a detailed information on these changes.

Posted by Diego Torres Milano 2003-08-19

PXES-0.6-1 Released

There's been a lot of enhancements, improvements and changes in this new PXES release.
Mainly in Remote Management featuring now:
* telnet server
* web management interface
o thin client details with auto-refresh
o PXES variables
o Boot messages
o Remote reboot
* session shadowing
And Linux Terminal Server Project compatibility session, allowing PXES clients to access LTSP servers.

Posted by Diego Torres Milano 2003-07-23

PXES-0.5.1-35 Released

This can be taken as a PXES-0.5.2 PRE-RELEASE.
Some important changes were introduced mainly the ability to select Xfree86 3.3.6 or Xfree86 4.3.0, denpending on your needs.
Also added the possibility of creating "multi session" images containing more
than one cliet session code.
The session used can be decided at run time.
Look and feel have been improved too. This is perhaps the last step towards the
"universal image" fitting almost all clients.

Posted by Diego Torres Milano 2003-03-28

PXES-0.5.1-30 released

This new release has some useful additions like supermount support in the 2.4.20-2pxes kernel and local devices sharing with samba in RDP sessions.
Although not yet supported in pxesconfig GUI configuration the ability to mount a root filesystem was added in the scripts.
A local session was added as a starting point for local session further developments.

Posted by Diego Torres Milano 2003-02-20

PXES-0.5.1-25 Released

PXES 0.5.1 Build 25:
This new release introduces some expected changes.
Maybe the most important is the migration to kernel 2.4.20, althouht the previous kernel is included too. You can select the desired kernel in the proces of image building.
Some intresting inclusion is a graphical boot screen and the selection of boot messages level, with no messages at all.
Support for read only root filesystem so you can create a PXES CDROM if you want.
Support for multiple kernel architechture fully added.

Posted by Diego Torres Milano 2003-01-23

PXES-i586-0.5.1-16 RELEASED !

PXES new release with support for i586 thin clients.
You can access any XDM, Microsoft RDP, Citrix ICA or VNC server from a i586 or i686 thin client in minutes.

Posted by Diego Torres Milano 2002-12-26


Latest release of PXES provides full support for all kind of graphical clients: XDM, RDP, VNC and ICA.

Posted by Diego Torres Milano 2002-12-03

PXES-0.5.1-6 Released

mouse autodetection problems solved
spec added to distribution
lspci patched and included
added 8139too network card
mouse autodetection via lsmouse

Posted by Diego Torres Milano 2002-10-24


PXES 0.5.1-4 has been released with minor features enhancement.
Hardware autodetection has been improved and is now supported for network cards and sound. You're now allowed to build a common image for a set of supported thin clients, independently of hardware details. This has been achived with a patched version of pciutils (the patch has already been sent to pciutils maintainer).

Posted by Diego Torres Milano 2002-10-17

PXES-0.5-final images

A new package containig pre-built images of standard thin clients has been added.
These images can be used to test thin client.

Posted by Diego Torres Milano 2002-09-28


Finally PXES-0.5-final was released.

Posted by Diego Torres Milano 2002-09-03

PXES-0.5-RC7 released

Support for many network devices was added.
Horizontal and vertical frequency of monitor can now be selected.
Dinamic content in combo boxes (keyboard layouy, network card, sound card) so you can now add kernel modules to the stock and get them available in the list.
See the ChangeLog for a full detail.

Posted by Diego Torres Milano 2002-08-01

PXES-0.5-RC3 released

Support for NBI from Etherboot was added so now you can boot from diskette if your hardware doesn't support PXE.
Some security options were added like XDMCP port specification and X Zap option disable.

Posted by Diego Torres Milano 2002-07-17

PXES-0.5-RC2 Documentation

Documentation about PXES 0.5 was improved and updated.

Posted by Diego Torres Milano 2002-07-13


pxes-0.5-RC2 (release candidate) is ready to download.
The major change is the correction of a resolver bug (thanks to Alberto Marmodoro who has reported it).
The release of 0.5-1 (stable) is closer.

Posted by Diego Torres Milano 2002-07-08

PXES-0.5 Documentation

If you were looking for more documentation about PXES take a look at "Readme" and "Quick start guide" availables from the project's home page.

Posted by Diego Torres Milano 2002-07-01


We're closer to the 0.5-1 release.
Stay tuned.

Posted by Diego Torres Milano 2002-06-29

PXES 0.5-Beta1

PXES 0.5-Beta1 is now available for download.
The 0.5-1 (stable) release will be available in few days.
The configuration is made even easier with the new GNOME compliat druid pxesconfig that will handle all of the complexity behind the scene.

Posted by Diego Torres Milano 2002-06-19

New Release

PXES 0.4 has been released with a lot of new features like initial ram disk initialization, component files consolidation and installation makefiles.

Posted by Diego Torres Milano 2002-03-27

Graphical configuration tool

The graphical configuration tool was added.
You can download the pxes-0.3Beta1.tgz or checkout the CVS tree.
There's a screenshoot in the home page.

Posted by Diego Torres Milano 2002-03-02