#1 Quitting pwsafe


I press Ctrl-C to get out of pwsafe. Is there a better


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    It depends on what you are doing. If you want to abort then ctrl-c is the way.
    But pwsafe is one-operation-per-invocation, and it will exit when it is done.

    I suspect the one you don't grok is the one that isn't intuitive: how to end the copy to the X selection/clipboard.
    To end it you select something else. Once pwsafe looses the selection it exits.
    This also is how you move from username to password if you use "pwsafe entry -up".

    I want to let you press a key stroke in the terminal window to end X selection, but it doesn't work yet.

    Actually I originally had it where pwsafe quit after the first paste operation. However this did not work well when there were clipboard monitor programs around like KDE's klipper, b/c klipper immediately "pastes" any new selection into itself (and even keeps polling you to see if the selection has changed)

  • Nicolas Dade

    Nicolas Dade - 2004-03-02

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    Ending pwsafe by pressing a keystroke works in 0.1.6.

  • Nicolas Dade

    Nicolas Dade - 2004-03-02
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