Import from textfile? Batch delete?

  • Jean Jordaan

    Jean Jordaan - 2010-06-15

    I want to create a subset of a database. I.e. delete 500+ entries from a database.
    I have the dump of entries I want to keep. How can I either
    - import this dump into a new db (-mergedb needs a database), or
    - delete everything else (without entering the password 500+ times)?

  • Jean Jordaan

    Jean Jordaan - 2010-06-15

    Answering myself - this worked:

    $ cat tmp/pwsafe-* | sort | uniq -u | while read n ; do echo PASSWORD | pwsafe --delete "$n" ; done

    (I had two files in tmp, one with all the entries, and one with those to keep. So delete all those we don't want to keep.)


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