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Security update - released pws 0.2.3

Fixed vulnerabilities listed here:

Everybody using PWS is urged to upgrade to this version.

Posted by Jan De Luyck 2004-03-15

Looking for maintainer

Due to lack of time this project has become quite unmaintained...

If someone feels up to it, contact me so we can discuss the transfer of ownership on this project.


Posted by Jan De Luyck 2003-01-23

Development will go VERY slow

Development on PWS will be as good as 'nihil', because I've got plenty of other stuff to do...

If anyone is interested in 'joining' the project and continuing development, gimme a mail...


Posted by Jan De Luyck 2001-03-30

Exams :-(

There'll be no project activity for some time... Exams :-(

Posted by Jan De Luyck 2001-02-24

Version 0.2.2 is out!


We're proud to present to you: PWS Version 0.2.2. A lot of improvements have gone into this like:
- better input / output handling
- better http compliance
- new methods
Check the ChangeLog!

Posted by Jan De Luyck 2001-01-05

Help Wanted!

We're looking for people that want to test our webserver. If you feel that you're up to it, download the source at

and help PWS become bugfree!


- The PWS Crew

Posted by Jan De Luyck 2000-12-27

CVS Code update -> 0.2.2-pre1

- made a little change in the 'logging' system, for compatibility with Win32 systems
- attempted to create a CGI interface. I've got a bit of work left :-(
- added & implemented multiple commandline options:
-n or --nologs : disable logging
-h or --help : shows help for the commandline options
-v or --verbose : allows you to increase the verbosity by 1 level, max to 2.
standard verbosity is 0, no output at all, except the title.
- implemented maxclients directive.

Posted by Jan De Luyck 2000-12-11

Code update in CVS

Code has been updated
Working has started to create a uniform CGI interface for cgi binaries.

Posted by Jan De Luyck 2000-12-09

ConfTool alpha available


The graphical configuration tool, named ConfTool (how appropriate) is now available on CVS. You need the and files to run it, but since it also depends on the other classes, you'd be better off to download the entire package.

It is also written in Java. It can already read the conf file, but not write it yet. It's being worked on in some spare time.


Posted by Jan De Luyck 2000-12-06

CVS code update

Go see. If you don't like it, drop dead. If you do like it, you can drop dead too if you want too, but you don't have too then.

Posted by Jan De Luyck 2000-11-23

Code update in CVS

Code had been updated. Check it out if you want to.

New features:
- server now urldecodes the URI's before processing them
- server now can handle variables in URI string
- server now gracefully exits when the ServerRoot directive is not set in conf file
- server can now use log files instead of stdout/stderr; they can be set using
errorLog and accessLog in conf file
- started work on full HTTP/1.1 GET compliance (see TODO file for more details on what to do still)... read more

Posted by Jan De Luyck 2000-11-17

Code update in CVS


I've just updated the code in CVS again. Check it out if you want to, and don't check it out if you're totally not interested in this project.

Whatever :-)

Major updates:

- implemented read buffering system to increase
output performance. The standard buffer size is
2048bytes, but you can set another value
using the configuration file keyword
readBufferSize: <amount>
If it is set <= 0, or > 1048576 (1 mb), the buffersize is reset to the
standard value.
- server now returns an error when a protocol different from HTTP is used
- empty lines are now allowed in configuration and mime files
- configuration file is now more 'apache' style, to allow a quick reconfigure
using the apache conf files :-)
- server now uses dirindexfiles keyword in configuration file to look for index
files when a directory is requested.
- server now gracefully exits when the port is already in use instead of

Posted by Jan De Luyck 2000-11-11

Code Update in CVS


General code update in CVS.


Posted by Jan De Luyck 2000-11-04

Working version!

Hello all,

We've released a version of PWS that actually works! It can load/handle without problems nearly any files, graphics, binaries, ...

To try it out, download it from our CVS.


Posted by Jan De Luyck 2000-11-03

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