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Project site changes

There are some changes happening on this project site (for the better I hope).
I have set up support and devel mailing lists. I have also imported the most current development version of pwim to the project CVS.
The categorization of the admins has also changed. I am the "Project Manager", as I admin most of the site and do maintenance. Jon is the "Developer", as he does all the development releases. He remains in charge, though. Also, I have added both of us to all the trackers, as well as both mailing lists.
In preparation for 0.06, you all should remember to check the site every so often and report any bugs in 0.05, in case something horrible pops up that we'll want to get fixed before 0.06 . Also, it may be helpful to download the development version from the CVS and test it out, looking for bugs and reporting them, though I'm not sure that Jon would agree with me on this.... read more

Posted by John Ohno 2005-08-20

Pwim-0.06 Features/Changes/Bugs

Among the features scheduled for the new release of pwim will be support for pwim-like playlists, a color picker(as far as I know python doesn't have one so I constructed a shoddy lookalike of Tcl/Tk's colorChooser) to alter the colors of the graphical editor for those who despise the current default. The directory Browser has also been altered to replace that rather useless Entry widget at the top with a menu to make going back however many directory levels far easier.... read more

Posted by Jon K. 2005-08-17

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