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PWGen 2.03 released

Version 2.03 features a new password option "Exclude repeating consecutive characters" which ensures that each character in the password will be different from the previous one. Furthermore, the word list field has been transformed into a drop-down list.

Posted by Christian Thoeing 2009-11-04

PWGen 2.02 released

Version 2.02 features some new "Advanced Password Options" as well as one major bugfix.

Posted by Christian Thoeing 2009-05-28

Language files for PWGen 2.x

Additional language files can be found in the package "PWGen 2.x language support". Currently, 4 languages are supported:

English (default)

Posted by Christian Thoeing 2008-12-22

PWGen: 2.01 released

PWGen is a password generator capable of creating large amounts of cryptographically secure random passwords or pass*phrases* (from word lists). It uses a random pool to gather entropy from user inputs and system parameters, and offers text encryption.

PWGen offers some "advanced password options" now (click on the "Advanced" button in the main window).

Posted by Christian Thoeing 2008-09-29

PWGen is not dead!

After some long, long break in programming, I've finally managed to revise the good old PWGen completely. It has a nicer user interface now, is more user-friendly, more flexible and, on the whole, simply better than the old 'wizard-based' versions. It uses a different random pool technique (based on SHA-256 and AES) and text encryption scheme compared to v1.x. It still offers multilingual support, but currently only for German (translators welcome!). You can find all the relevant changes in the release notes. Just have a look at the new program!... read more

Posted by Christian Thoeing 2008-04-24

WLE 1.00 released

Despite a horrible lack of time I've managed to release WLE, a "word list extractor" for PWGen. This small tool is capable of creating word lists suitable for PWGen, very easy and fast. Have a look at it!

Posted by Christian Thoeing 2004-12-17

PWGen 1.40 released

PWGen has become even more secure & faster. Version 1.40 offers a lot of new functions, for example the possibility to encrypt the clipboard.

Posted by Christian Thoeing 2004-06-05

PWGen 1.35 released

(from the Changes Log)
Version 1.35
- "breaking news": PWGen features multilingual support now; all messages of
PWGen can be easily translated into another language (see language.txt and
- removed function "Password List" ("Misc." menu); now password lists can be
easily created by calling the specific "Get Password List..." functions
- the program's settings can be modified via Windows dialog; press F3 to try
this new feature (keep in mind that you have to restart the application in
order to make changes effective!)
- fixed bug in ClearControlTextBuf() (-> Main.cpp)
- a lot of slight changes to meet the programmer's perfectionism ;-)

Posted by Christian Thoeing 2004-03-14

PWGen 1.32 released

(from the Changes Log)
Version 1.32
- new function "Add to File" accessible in the context menu of the password field (Step III); it adds the password and other relevant information as an "entry" to the file. If you encrypt this "list", it can serve you as a real password safe!
- minor changes

Posted by Christian Thoeing 2003-09-28

PWGen 1.31 released

New function "Password List" to create a whole bunch of "quick & dirty" passwords at once.

Posted by Christian Thoeing 2003-08-02

PWGen 1.30 released

BREAKING NEWS: PWGen now provides PGP-like security and lots of new features to satisfy the highest requirements! (In fact, PWGen should be more secure than the true random number generator in PGP 2.6.3; see random.c in the PGP source code.)

Posted by Christian Thoeing 2003-06-10

PWGen 1.20 released

Now featuring a PGP-like random pool technique.

Posted by Christian Thoeing 2003-03-10

PWGen 1.15 released

Now with lots of new functions and options, including the possibility to create Diceware-like passphrases.

Posted by Christian Thoeing 2002-12-16

PWGen 1.11 released

Now with documentation in German.

Posted by Christian Thoeing 2002-10-05

PWGen 1.10 released

The new version of PWGen comes with lots of new features and improvements; the program should be even more secure now.

Posted by Christian Thoeing 2002-08-06

PWGen 1.01 released

In this new version of the powerful password generator, a few minor bugs were fixed.

Posted by Christian Thoeing 2002-07-20