dex Otaku - 2012-08-03

Hi there…  hopefully tksharpless is still around somewhere and may be able to reply.

I've used panini in the past but since getting a newer computer with newer video card & drivers  the currently-available Windows binary hasn't been working.

I downloaded the source for x.x.104, the newest source posted. 

I built it using QtCreator / QT 4.8.1 / current zlib / MinGW.  It works so far on my own machine but I lack the resources to test it widely.

I am aware that development of this project has halted and that tksharpless stated in 2011 that they'd be working on a more complex & feature-complete replacement , however since then there have been no updates on the situation that I can find.

I understand that tksharpless is probably otherwise engaged such they they can't work on this right now, or even comment on that fact.  I have no issues with that.

What I would like to know is whether it's okay for me to upload the newer binary I built so that other users can continue appreciating this project..  I have been a sourceforge "member" for a long time but have not been a developer for many, many years, and have never explored this side of things. 

My understanding is that it should be OK for me to upload a ZIP containing the QT/MinGW libraries and the Panini executable because the source for all is open and available.  Further, I have made no modifications to the code whatsoever, all I've done is build it.

If someone can verify that it's all good I'll investigate the upload mechanism. 

I am NEW to this part of the process here so please be gentle with me.   :)

dex otaku