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WebRegistration Software to be re-writen.

We have desided we are going to re-write the WebRegistration software. We will be having an alpha release soon where you will be able to test out the code.
In this re-write, there will be more features like working command group editing for admins.

Posted by Justin Kaufman 2005-01-07

PvPGN-Hash 0.3 Released!

We have released pvpgn-hash 0.3!
This release fixes a bug in 0.2(it never changed the string to lower case before being hashed).

Posted by Justin Kaufman 2005-01-06


PvPGN-CMS Is a full administration software to manage the server. It will support user and admin login and certain features will be reserved for admins(restart server, edit configs ect..) and others for users(password, forums, profile, ect..) It is now in development and we hope to have it out soon!

Posted by Justin Kaufman 2005-01-06

PvPGN Server Status Script v1.0 released!

- Initial release of 1.x branch - complete rewrite relative to 0.x branch.

Posted by U-238 2004-12-09

RINO Statistics System released!!!

What's New (v2.3.20a) 11/23/2004 by snaiperx:
- New bnet theme
- Fix some errors of XP' bar in solo,at,ffa Its not calculate correctly
- FFa support in user's profile
- Clan id support
- PvPGN Web Registration System (thx to U-238)
- PvPGN Server Status Script (thx to U-238)
- Scripts for reset accounts
- Other improvements

Posted by U-238 2004-11-23

Web Registration System v0.2 beta released!!!

Now available for download from the files section

Posted by U-238 2004-08-04