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We are back! Pls help to test 0.2

New version release -- 0.2
New session library, new theme and multi-language system
Well~ i'm so sorry I know the project had been stop a long time, and the new release has a very big different with 0.1 (so if you feel hard on installing , feel free to contact me at and ICQ 500118)

But finally the new release come here
I'm running in on my own server and I hope it works.. :-)

Posted by Ben Cheng 2002-06-19

Some Bug fix and some news

There are some bug fix for currently 0.0.1 version

1. In bin/ , line 46 , change

if(system("$config::chown_path $information{accuser}\.$information{accuser} /home/$information{accuser}/$information{accuser}/public_html") != 0)


if(system("$config::chown_path $information{vhost_user}\.$information{accuser} /home/$information{accuser}/$information{vhost_user}/public_html") != 0)... read more

Posted by Ben Cheng 2001-11-14

0.1 release, project need helper!

0.1 is released, a bug was fixed, and new function was created. Hope the simple new function won't make bug.

I'm facing the Hong Kong's Certifcate Examination, I won't have much time to handle the project. I think I need some develoepr and project manager to manage the project.

Humm, I don't have time~ but I hope the project won't give up~ So is there anyone willing to handle the project? To manage the new release? Please contact me.

Posted by Ben Cheng 2001-09-16

0.1-pre1 Released :-)

After a few days~ I have started my school life~
and also write some new administrative tools for the project, now it can add new domain name, new sub domain , new pop account

but also, I put it on my server to run` and find some serious bug~ now are fixed.

Posted by Ben Cheng 2001-09-10

0.0.4 released! Reminder for FreeBSD User here!

0.0.4 released, it is possibly a stable release (hope so) but still without good install instruction

A notes for FreeBSD user:As the default premission of suidperl in freebsd don't allow setuid
So you need to set the suid options for suidperl. Probably it is in
/usr/bin/suidperl , so you may run:

chmod 4755 /usr/bin/suidperl

Posted by Ben Cheng 2001-09-08

0.0.3 Released! A usable release is soon coming

0.0.3 is released. I had try it on my own server. Will it have any prodlem? See if tomorrow morning any client phone me and say "I have got a trouble...." :-)

anyway, after stablize this release, I will write document to let anyone know how to install it.
Then a really usable release will soon appear

Posted by Ben Cheng 2001-08-31

0.0.3-pre1 released!

0.0.3-pre1 is released.
This is a version which WON'T WORK!
It just make change on mysql, and add user
It don't really affect the config file as 0.0.1 did

But if you want to try it and debug~ you may download and take a look :-)

Posted by Ben Cheng 2001-08-29

Please give suggestion to the new database specification

There is a new database structure in "Document"
If you have any comment to it~ please send it to me. It will be used as a new database structure in the follow version

Posted by Ben Cheng 2001-08-23

More Detail Document Would Be Write

A more detail system requirement will be write in this two day, it will tell you how to setup the script and futhur technical details would list here

Also , in about 1 week, A setup script will be written for easy setup

Posted by Ben Cheng 2001-08-19

Any one is welcome to join this project

Any one is welcome to join this project.
We need developer, and of coz~ tester~
if you are interested in the project~ you may contact me , or get a copy, read and test it.

Now we have a very beta release, with no setup script support. But anyone familer with linux should be able to set it up easily

:-) waitting for your feedback

Posted by Ben Cheng 2001-08-18

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