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Pushme Rewritten; 1.0 Soon

Pushme is currently being rewritten from the ground up in PHP 5 (currently PHP5-RC2) for MySQL 5 (which features stored procedures). It is looking very promising so far, and will be leaps and bounds more advanced than 0.5.1. Look forward to (some already implemented):

- automatic, secure end-user authentication for posting comments or uploading images, etc.
- cookie support to remember users (should have been in since beginning)
- new, uniform administrative interface with file management support
- stored MySQL procedures to handle repetitive functions
- XML export, RSS feeds
- easier template creation, just insert a few lines of PHP code!

Posted by paul irwin 2004-05-07

Dual Release - v0.5.0 and v0.5.1 BETAs

I just put up v0.5.0 and v0.5.1 at the same time. the reason for this was my lack of internet connectivity, and i put up v0.5.0, even though it is older, for obvious programming reasons. v0.5.0 has AIM and WWW links on posts, and commenting *somewhat* works. in v0.5.1, the guestbook is finally here and also has mail, AIM and WWW links. Enjoy ;-)

Posted by paul irwin 2002-10-11

v0.5.0 Coming Soon!

v0.5.0-ALPHA is coming soon, followed by v0.6.0-BETA, which will be the first major release leading up to v1.0.0-RELEASE. v0.5.0 will have a guestbook, better commenting, a "rotation" page showing what music you listen to, and A SQL SCRIPT!!! Also, i have been receiving many emails about wanting to be a graphic designer for this project... PLEASE SEND ME YOUR WORK! I can't base it on your name alone! Thanks!

Posted by paul irwin 2002-07-21