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PurpleNet / News: Recent posts

PurpleNet 0.7.2

PurpleNet 0.7.2 has been released. In this release, all server config and key files are now named according to the name of the server to enable several server instances in the same directory.

Posted by Anonymous 2009-10-30

PurpleNet 0.7.1

Mere hours after the release of PurpleNet 0.7.0, some rough edges were discovered in it due to the admirable activity of the open source community around PurpleNet. Our disaster response team sprung to action, and after a hacking session that left their keyboards white-hot, PurpleNet 0.7.1 was released to fix these rough edges. Enjoy!

Posted by Anonymous 2009-10-26

PurpleNet 0.7.0 released!

This release fixes the obnoxious issue of having to extract server certificates from the database. Server certificates are now downloaded along the server configuration file. In addition, multiple server configuration templates are now supported and the template can be selected on the server creation screen.

Please allow a few days for the release files to propagate to the SourceForge.net mirrors. In the meantime, get the release by checking out the tag "purplenet-0.7.0" from our git repository!

Posted by Anonymous 2009-10-26

PurpleNet 0.6.0 released

PurpleNet 0.6.0, the first publicly available alpha release of PurpleNet, is now available.

Posted by Anonymous 2009-10-14

Sources Available

The source code for PurpleNet is now available in the SourceForge Git repository of the project. For instructions on how to get a copy, please refer to the web site of the project.

Posted by Anonymous 2009-10-14