Commit Date  
[r17250] by nusmuk

more verbose (number of link / masses)

2014-01-25 11:04:49 Tree
[r17249] by nusmuk

new example

2014-01-23 15:20:26 Tree
[r17248] by nusmuk

update help file

2014-01-23 15:19:23 Tree
[r17247] by nusmuk

add possibility to change few parametter with table, so that many parametter are set at diferent value with the same message.

2014-01-23 15:11:46 Tree
[r17246] by nusmuk

add examples

2014-01-22 20:21:56 Tree
[r17245] by nusmuk

small debug

2014-01-22 20:20:49 Tree
[r17244] by nusmuk

small debug

2014-01-22 20:20:22 Tree
[r17243] by nusmuk

small debug

2014-01-22 20:19:16 Tree
[r17242] by nusmuk

set mobil argument number corrected

2014-01-22 20:18:10 Tree
[r17241] by nusmuk

more arguments check

2014-01-22 20:16:38 Tree
[r17240] by nusmuk

small bug in line interactor

2014-01-22 20:15:42 Tree
[r17239] by nusmuk

remove warning

2014-01-22 20:13:45 Tree
[r17238] by fzotter

added external [mtx_atan2]

2014-01-08 16:29:15 Tree
[r17237] by fzotter

corrected case in which result of [mtx_min2] and [mtx_max2] was sum instead of minimum/maximum.

2014-01-08 16:26:26 Tree
[r17236] by nusmuk

trying to be more clear about interactors messages

2014-01-06 19:49:50 Tree
[r17235] by mrpeach

Removed references to lua5.1, now pdlua.c compiles for whichever lua is found, based on LUA_VERSION_NUM from lua.h.
Prints lua version according to lua_version() to console on startup.
Modified some function calls for the 5.2 API.

2014-01-06 19:04:59 Tree
[r17234] by zmoelnig

document 2nd inlet/outlet

2013-12-17 16:10:37 Tree
[r17233] by zmoelnig

2nd inlet/outlet for displayed name

2013-12-17 16:10:11 Tree
[r17232] by zmoelnig

get/set displayname

2013-12-17 16:04:14 Tree
[r17231] by zmoelnig

2nd outlet

2013-12-17 16:00:15 Tree
[r17230] by zmoelnig

Note on changing abstraction args

2013-12-17 15:45:02 Tree
[r17229] by zmoelnig

note on the 2nd outlet

2013-12-17 15:42:54 Tree
[r17228] by zmoelnig

fixed comment

2013-12-17 15:40:22 Tree
[r17227] by zmoelnig

fix out-of-bound array access

invalid binary files might result in negative symtable indices.
this patch should prevent a crash in these cases...

2013-12-09 16:31:49 Tree
[r17226] by avilleret

remove some comments

2013-11-24 14:09:18 Tree
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