Commit Date  
[r16627] by eighthave

tagging tk8.5.13.tar.gz import

2012-12-01 04:28:31 Tree
[r16626] by eighthave

importing tk8.5.13.tar.gz

2012-12-01 04:28:15 Tree
[r16625] by eighthave

copying tcl8.5.13.tar.gz into sources tree

2012-12-01 04:23:30 Tree
[r16624] by eighthave

tagging tcl8.5.13.tar.gz import

2012-12-01 04:23:22 Tree
[r16623] by eighthave

importing tcl8.5.13.tar.gz

2012-12-01 04:22:52 Tree
[r16622] by eighthave

removing in prep for upgrade

2012-12-01 02:53:59 Tree
[r16621] by eighthave

force the libpddir installation location of po/

2012-11-30 19:44:48 Tree
[r16620] by jancsika1

fixed widget color discrepancy on OSX

2012-11-30 07:51:54 Tree
[r16619] by eighthave

on Windows, use autoconf setup to install the translation files

2012-11-30 01:47:12 Tree
[r16618] by jancsika1

revised README and added filesystem keyword to search-plugin homepage

2012-11-29 20:50:48 Tree
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