--- a/src/m_pd.h
+++ b/src/m_pd.h
@@ -247,7 +247,17 @@
 typedef void (*t_method)(void);
 typedef void *(*t_newmethod)( void);
+/* in ARM 64 a varargs prototype generates a different function call sequence
+from a fixed one, so in that special case we maek a more restrictive
+definition for t_gotfn.  This will break some code in the "chaos" package
+in Pd extended.  (that code will run incorrectly anyhow so why not catch it
+at compile time anyhow.) */
+#ifdef __aarch64__
 typedef void (*t_gotfn)(void *x);
+typedef void (*t_gotfn)(void *x, ...);
 /* ---------------- pre-defined objects and symbols --------------*/
 EXTERN t_pd pd_objectmaker;     /* factory for creating "object" boxes */