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# how Miller builds Pd on Windows:
# http://lists.puredata.info/pipermail/pd-dev/2004-10/002981.html

CC = gcc
CXX = g++

cvs_root_dir = ../..
pd_src = $(cvs_root_dir)/pd
DLL_DIR = $(pd_src)/src

BIN_DIR = ../bin

VPATH = $(pd_src)/src

prefix = /usr/local/pd
exec_prefix = $(prefix)
includedir = $(prefix)/include
libdir = $(exec_prefix)/lib
mandir = $(prefix)/man
bindir = $(exec_prefix)/bin


# varibles to match packages/Makefile.buildlayout so that they can be easily
# overridden when building Pd-extended builds. <hans@at.or.at>
libpddir = $(prefix)
pddocdir = $(libpddir)/doc
libpdbindir = $(libpddir)/bin

PDEXEC = pd.exe
PDDLL = pd.dll
DLLWRAP= dllwrap

MORECFLAGS = -O3 -funroll-loops -fomit-frame-pointer 

PADIR = $(pd_src)/portaudio
ASIODIR = $(pd_src)/asio/ASIOSDK2
ASIOINC = -I$(ASIODIR)/common -I$(ASIODIR)/host -I$(ASIODIR)/host/pc
INCLUDE = -I$(pd_src)/src 
INCPA = -I$(PADIR) -I$(PADIR)/include -I$(PADIR)/src/common -I$(PADIR)/src/os/win $(ASIOINC) -I"$(PROGRAMFILES)/Jack/includes"
GINCLUDE = -I/usr/local/include $(INCLUDE)

LIBS = -lm -lwsock32 -lwinmm -lole32 -lpthreadGC2 -lregex "$(PROGRAMFILES)/Jack/lib/libjack.lib"


WARN_CFLAGS = -Wall -W -Wstrict-prototypes -Wno-unused \
    -Wno-unused-parameter -Wno-parentheses -Wno-switch
# Some old code in asio/ASIOSDK2/common/combase.h needs to be ignored,
# we do this by setting the WINVER macro to min Windows XP aka 5.1.
# Also, for SetDllDirectory() s_loader.c, we need a minium of Windows
# XP SP1.  WINVER isnt' fine-grained enough for that, so we use the
# next minor version of Windows, 5.2.
	-mms-bitfields -DWISHAPP='"wish85.exe"'


STRIP = strip --strip-unneeded -R .note -R .comment

# the sources

PASRC = s_audio_pa.c s_audio_paring.c s_audio_jack.c \
	s_audio_mmio.c s_midi_mmio.c \
	$(PADIR)/src/common/pa_stream.c \
        $(PADIR)/src/common/pa_trace.c \
        $(PADIR)/src/common/pa_process.c \
        $(PADIR)/src/common/pa_front.c \
        $(PADIR)/src/common/pa_dither.c \
        $(PADIR)/src/common/pa_cpuload.c \
        $(PADIR)/src/common/pa_converters.c \
        $(PADIR)/src/common/pa_allocation.c \
        $(PADIR)/src/common/pa_ringbuffer.c \
        $(PADIR)/src/os/win/pa_win_hostapis.c \
        $(PADIR)/src/os/win/pa_win_util.c \
        $(PADIR)/src/os/win/pa_win_waveformat.c \
        $(PADIR)/src/os/win/pa_win_coinitialize.c \

ASIOSRC = 	$(PADIR)/src/hostapi/asio/iasiothiscallresolver.cpp \
			$(PADIR)/src/hostapi/asio/pa_asio.cpp \
			$(ASIODIR)/common/asio.cpp \
			$(ASIODIR)/host/asiodrivers.cpp \

#VSRC =  s_audio_vst.c

PMDIR = ../portmidi
PMINCLUDE = -I$(PMDIR)/pm_common -I$(PMDIR)/pm_win -I$(PMDIR)/porttime -DNEWBUFFER
PMSRC = $(PMDIR)/pm_common/portmidi.c \
        $(PMDIR)/pm_common/pmutil.c \
        $(PMDIR)/porttime/porttime.c \
        $(PMDIR)/porttime/ptwinmm.c \
        $(PMDIR)/pm_win/pmwin.c \

PMOBJ =  $(PMSRC:.c=.o)

HEADERS = g_all_guis.h m_imp.h g_canvas.h m_pd.h s_stuff.h g_magicglass.h \
	$(wildcard ../portaudio/common/*.h) s_audio_paring.h scandir.h \

SRC = g_canvas.c g_graph.c g_text.c g_rtext.c g_array.c g_template.c \
	g_io.c g_scalar.c g_traversal.c g_guiconnect.c g_readwrite.c g_editor.c \
    g_all_guis.c \
    m_pd.c m_class.c m_obj.c m_atom.c m_memory.c m_binbuf.c \
    m_conf_pdextended.c m_glob.c m_sched.c \
    s_main.c s_inter.c s_file.c s_print.c \
    s_loader.c s_path.c s_entry.c s_audio.c s_midi.c \
    s_utf8.c \
    d_ugen.c d_ctl.c d_arithmetic.c d_osc.c d_filter.c \
    d_math.c d_array.c d_global.c \
    d_delay.c d_resample.c \
    x_arithmetic.c x_connective.c \
    x_acoustics.c d_soundfile.c \
    e_fft.c e_gfxstub.c e_dac.c e_midi.c \
    g_magicglass.c \
    scandir.c \
    import.c path.c print.c closebang.c initbang.c loadbang.c

#SRC +=  d_fft_fftw.c d_fftroutine.c
# Mayer FFT
SRC +=  d_fft_mayer.c d_fftroutine.c

SRSRC = u_pdsend.c u_pdreceive.c

OBJ = $(SRC:.c=.o) 
SROBJ = $(SRSRC:.c=.o) 
PAOBJ = $(PASRC:.c=.o)
ASIOOBJ = $(ASIOSRC:.cpp=.o)
#VOBJ = $(VSRC:.c=.o)

# get version from m_pd.h to use in doc/1.manual/1.introduction.txt
PD_MAJOR_VERSION := $(shell grep PD_MAJOR_VERSION m_pd.h | \
	sed 's|^.define *PD_MAJOR_VERSION *\([0-9]*\).*|\1|' )
PD_MINOR_VERSION := $(shell grep PD_MINOR_VERSION m_pd.h | \
	sed 's|^.define *PD_MINOR_VERSION *\([0-9]*\).*|\1|' )
PD_BUGFIX_VERSION := $(shell grep PD_BUGFIX_VERSION m_pd.h | \
	sed 's|^.define *PD_BUGFIX_VERSION *\([0-9]*\).*|\1|' )
PD_TEST_VERSION := $(shell grep PD_TEST_VERSION m_pd.h | \
	sed 's|^.define *PD_TEST_VERSION *"\(.*\)".*|\1|' )
ifneq ($(PD_TEST_VERSION),)

#  ------------------ targets ------------------------------------

.PHONY: all install clean testbin

all: $(PDDLL) $(PDEXEC) pdsend.exe pdreceive.exe pd.com

$(OBJ) : %.o : %.c
	$(CC) $(CFLAGS) $(GFLAGS) $(INCLUDE) -c -o $*.o $*.c 

$(GOBJ) : %.o : %.c
	$(CC) $(CFLAGS) $(GFLAGS) $(GINCLUDE) -c -o $*.o $*.c 

$(SROBJ) : %.o : %.c
	$(CC) $(CFLAGS) $(GFLAGS) $(INCLUDE) -c -o $*.o $*.c 

$(PAOBJ) : %.o : %.c
	$(CC) $(CFLAGS) $(GFLAGS) $(INCPA) -c -o $*.o $*.c 

$(ASIOOBJ) : %.o : %.cpp
	$(CXX) $(CFLAGS) $(INCPA) -c -o $*.o $*.cpp

$(PMOBJ) : %.o : %.c
	$(CC) $(CFLAGS) $(GFLAGS) $(PMINCLUDE) -c -o $*.o $*.c 

$(VOBJ) : %.o : %.c
	$(CC) $(CFLAGS) $(GFLAGS) $(INCLUDE) -c -o $*.o $*.c 

pdsend.exe: u_pdsend.o
	$(CC) $(CFLAGS) $(LDFLAGS) -o pdsend.exe u_pdsend.o $(LIBS)

pdreceive.exe: u_pdreceive.o
	$(CC) $(CFLAGS) $(LDFLAGS) -o pdreceive.exe u_pdreceive.o $(LIBS)

$(PDEXEC): s_entry.o pd.res
	$(CC) $(LDFLAGS) -mwindows -o $(PDEXEC) s_entry.o pd.res $(LIBS) -L. -lpd

pd.com: s_entry.o
	$(CC) $(LDFLAGS) -o pd.com s_entry.o $(LIBS) -L. -lpd

	$(CXX) -shared $(LDFLAGS) -o $(PDDLL) $(OBJC) $(LIBS) \
		-Wl,--export-all-symbols -Wl,--out-implib=pd.a; 

pd.res: pd.rc
	windres pd.rc -O coff -o pd.res

#vstschedlib.dll: $(VOBJ)
#	$(DLLWRAP) --export-all-symbols --output-def vst.def \
#	--output-lib=vst.a --dllname=vstschedlib.dll s_audio_vst.o pd.a $(LIBS)

# kludge to put stuff into the pd/bin dir for testing
testbin: $(PDEXEC) $(PDDLL) pd.com
	echo "Copying files to $(BIN_DIR)"
	install -d $(BIN_DIR)
	install -p *.tcl $(BIN_DIR)
	install -p $(PDDLL) $(BIN_DIR)
	install -p pd.ico $(BIN_DIR)
	install -p pd.com $(BIN_DIR)
	install -p $(PDEXEC) $(BIN_DIR)

install:  all
# locales don't have a MinGW makefile yet, but the pd-gui-rewrite one could work
#	make libpddir=$(libpddir) -C ../po install
# the real install
	install -d $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/../tcl/
	install -p ../tcl/*.tcl $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/../tcl/
	install -p ../tcl/pd.gif $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/../tcl/
	install -p $(PDEXEC) $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/$(PDEXEC)
	$(STRIP) $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/$(PDEXEC)
	install -p pd.com $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/pd.com
	$(STRIP) $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/pd.com
	install -p pd.dll $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/pd.dll
	$(STRIP) $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/pd.dll
	install -p pd.ico $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/pd.ico
	install -p pdsend.exe $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/pdsend.exe
	$(STRIP) $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/pdsend.exe
	install -p pdreceive.exe $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/pdreceive.exe
	$(STRIP) $(DESTDIR)$(bindir)/pdreceive.exe
	for dir in $(shell ls -1 ../doc | grep -v CVS); do \
		echo "installing $$dir"; \
		install -d $(DESTDIR)$(pddocdir)/$$dir ; \
		install -p ../doc/$$dir/*.* $(DESTDIR)$(pddocdir)/$$dir ; \
	for dir in $(shell ls -1 ../doc/7.stuff | grep -v CVS); do \
		echo "installing 7.stuff/$$dir"; \
		install -d $(DESTDIR)$(pddocdir)/7.stuff/$$dir ; \
		install -p ../doc/7.stuff/$$dir/*.* $(DESTDIR)$(pddocdir)/7.stuff/$$dir ; \
	cat $(ABOUT_FILE).tmp | sed 's|PD_VERSION|Pd version $(PD_VERSION)|' \
	rm $(ABOUT_FILE).tmp
	install -d $(DESTDIR)/extra
	install -p ../extra/output~.pd ../extra/output~-help.pd $(DESTDIR)/extra
	install -d $(DESTDIR)$(includedir)
	install -p m_pd.h $(DESTDIR)$(includedir)
	install -d $(DESTDIR)$(includedir)/pdextended
	install -p g_all_guis.h g_canvas.h m_imp.h m_pd.h s_stuff.h e_fft.h e_sqrt.h \
	@echo "Pd install succeeded."

	-rm -f -- $(BIN_DIR)/*.*
	-rm -f -- *.o *.a *.def
	-rm -f -- pd*.exe pd*.dll pd.com
	-rm -f -- $(OBJ) $(GOBJ) $(SROBJ) $(PAOBJ) $(ASIOOBJ) $(PMOBJ)
	-rm -f makefile.dependencies

distclean: clean
	rm -rf -- config.cache config.log config.status makefile tags \

tags: $(SRC) $(GSRC); ctags *.[ch]

depend: makefile.dependencies

makefile.dependencies: $(SRC) $(PASRC) $(HEADERS)
		> makefile.dependencies

	-rm $(prefix)/bin/pd*.exe
	-rm $(prefix)/bin/pd*.com
	-rm $(prefix)/bin/pd*.dll
	-rm $(prefix)/bin/*.tcl

	@echo "CWD $(CWD)"
	@echo "PREFIX $(prefix)"
	@echo "BINDIR  $(bindir)"
	@echo "LIBDIR  $(libdir)"
	@echo "OBJECTSDIR  $(objectsdir)"
	@echo "PDDOCDIR  $(pddocdir)"
	@echo "LIBPDDIR  $(libpddir)"
	@echo "LIBPDBINDIR  $(libpdbindir)"
	@echo "HELPDIR  $(helpdir)"
	@echo "MANUALSDIR  $(manualsdir)"
	@echo "EXAMPLESDIR  $(examplesdir)"

include makefile.dependencies

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