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[4e4d22] by msp msp

delete old file

2010-08-03 04:25:27 Tree
[e98026] by msp msp

patch 2588029 - fix exporting to Max .pat/.mxt file

2010-08-03 04:18:42 Tree
[e1cf33] by msp msp

patch 2584887 - bonk ignores relative paths when reading templates

2010-08-03 04:15:59 Tree
[b1fc61] by msp msp

patch 2532431 - fix opening of .PD/.Pd/.pD and Max patches (.mxt/.pat)

2010-08-03 04:14:07 Tree
[c11ef1] by msp msp

patch 2527413 - add Yes/No/Cancel dialog for saving dirty files

2010-08-03 04:02:45 Tree
[98b495] by msp msp

2290495 - [feature] grain message for "line" to set time grain
2317572 - [bugfix] garray_resize should use int

2010-08-03 03:47:13 Tree
[2c9666] by msp msp

patch 2151892 - bugfix: [route 0] should not route symbols

2010-08-03 03:04:16 Tree
[31eaf7] by msp msp

patch 2030557 - fix bug with '%' in gui object names

2010-08-03 02:31:34 Tree
[5a58ca] by msp msp

patch 1990599 - allow recursive calls of new_anything()

2010-07-29 04:01:14 Tree
[f5a2e9] by msp msp

patch 1990592 - prevent multiple registration of loaders

2010-07-29 03:51:21 Tree
[97247a] by msp msp

Patch 1948287 - 5 msec throttle on displacement mouse drags in canvases

2010-07-29 00:19:54 Tree
[c564e7] by msp msp

patch 1412469 - patch expansion for path and loadlib on windows

2010-07-28 22:53:28 Tree
[9f945f] by msp msp

patch 1242495 - set dirty flag for various edits

2010-07-28 22:50:45 Tree
[b70a52] by msp msp

more fooling around with audio backends

2010-07-28 20:52:57 Tree
[cce746] by msp msp

jack driver fixed to allow callback (lowers latency typically by 8-10 msec)

2010-07-27 03:13:08 Tree
[7af292] by msp msp

list-to-bang-inlet-conversion patch

2010-07-25 04:35:56 Tree
[8cbd23] by msp msp

fftw fixes

2010-07-25 04:13:32 Tree
[842230] by msp msp

patches for better t_float use and some misc. stuff

2010-07-25 02:41:51 Tree
[c9cb80] by msp msp

patch to make error(), etc, check printf-style args

2010-07-21 20:36:41 Tree
[5bc3d2] by msp msp

route inlet if one arg

2010-07-21 20:28:37 Tree
[4dea83] by msp msp

patch to print object (multiple args and/or number arg)

2010-07-21 20:21:41 Tree
[35e2c0] by msp msp

list inlets to convert atoms and bangs correctly

2010-07-21 20:10:56 Tree
[b1bbd9] by msp msp

fix to sys_expandpath and Iohannes's keysym fix (c side only... gui
side seems to work now)

Merge commit 'c78d6b2'


2010-07-21 19:15:08 Tree
[c78d6b] by msp msp

bug fix to sys_expandpath

2010-07-21 19:01:20 Tree
[4cea03] by Hans-Christoph Steiner Hans-Christoph Steiner , pushed by msp msp

updated patch #2746054 "hard-code default user-install paths" for 0.43

Signed-off-by: msp <msp@fuzz.(none)>

2010-07-19 19:12:12 Tree
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