#476 portaudio fixes

puredata (385)

this patches fixes the current portaudio implementation.

since it is too big to be added to the patch-tracker (i imported portaudio-20121129), you can download it from http://iem.at/~zmoelnig/0001-updated-to-portaudio-20121129-snapshot.patch.bz2


  • IOhannes m zmölnig

    raising priority, since the current state of affairs breaks all builds from current git.

    what i did:
    - after the import of the portaudio-20121101 snapshot, some files where missing to smoothly integrate with Pd's autotools system.
    - so I re-imported portaudio with the missing files (and used the 20121126 snapshot, since that was the one i found on the portaudio website)
    - I tried to keep the import to a minimum (but imported all files an ordinary make would want to run a compilation)
    - i added the new portaudio build-system to pd/configure.ac (so pa's configure will get called automatically by Pd's configure)
    - i also adjusted the link-path of libportaudio in pd/src/Makefile.am to it's new location

  • IOhannes m zmölnig

    • priority: 8 --> 9
  • Miller Puckette

    Miller Puckette - 2012-12-03

    I tried this and got:

    [msp@fuzz pd]$ git apply ~/bis/var/download/0001-updated-to-portaudio-20121129-snapshot.patch
    /home/msp/bis/var/download/0001-updated-to-portaudio-20121129-snapshot.patch:287: trailing whitespace.

    /home/msp/bis/var/download/0001-updated-to-portaudio-20121129-snapshot.patch:300: trailing whitespace.

    /home/msp/bis/var/download/0001-updated-to-portaudio-20121129-snapshot.patch:336: trailing whitespace.
    * The text above constitutes the entire PortAudio license; however,
    /home/msp/bis/var/download/0001-updated-to-portaudio-20121129-snapshot.patch:341: trailing whitespace.
    * they can be incorporated into the canonical version. It is also
    /home/msp/bis/var/download/0001-updated-to-portaudio-20121129-snapshot.patch:342: trailing whitespace.
    * requested that these non-binding requests be included along with the
    warning: squelched 32389 whitespace errors
    warning: 32394 lines add whitespace errors.

    ... is there any way you can supply a patch that doens't add trailing white space to 1/2 ot the Pd


  • Miller Puckette

    Miller Puckette - 2012-12-03

    ... in case this makes it easier, here's the snapshot I last used:


    if you try diff -r --brief between this and Pd's copy in src/portaudoi you can see how I pruned the
    portaudio tree to include only stuff relevant to Pd. Oddly, I had to supply one extra file though,

  • IOhannes m zmölnig

    a different patchset (based on the 20121031 pa-snapshot has made it into Pd-0.44)

  • IOhannes m zmölnig

    • status: open --> closed-accepted


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