#264 Tooltips patch for 0.42-5

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This is GG/tim's tooltip patch ported forward to 0.42-5


  • Nobody/Anonymous


  • Hans-Christoph Steiner

    Who is this mystery patch fixer? :D I would also very much like to see tooltips in Pd, but Miller had some objections to the original version of this patch which he outlined on the list, IIRC. Was there any attempt to address those objections?

    I think Miller's objection was related to modifying the t_class struct, and I think Günter proposed an alternate approach that didn't need to modify that struct.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Miller's objection about t_class is just an excuse for keeping contributors out.

  • Hans-Christoph Steiner

    It may seem like that, but I don't think its true. He is very conservative about what he accepts. You are free to start your own branch/fork or contribute to others if you don't like Miller's approach.

    I could be convinced to include this in Pd-extended if someone was really committed to maintaining it and handling all the issues that arise.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Yes, he is very conservative about what he accepts, which is another way to say that he wants to keep the contributors out. Spin it any way you like.

  • Chris McCormick

    Chris McCormick - 2009-08-16

    I was the original patch committer and my intention was the 'freshen' this patch so it applies cleanly against the latest version of Pd. I did not write the other anonymous comments here. I will email you privately about GG's proposal to see if I can work it in to the patch since I think it would be nice if it went into Pd.

  • Miller Puckette

    Miller Puckette - 2017-01-06
    • status: open --> closed-duplicate


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