Pd-0.39.3-extended Released!

Finally, Pd-0.39.3-extended has been released on all platforms!

Finally, it's done. The most polished release of Pd yet. We are further refining Pd into a truly powerful and usable programming platform.


Some highlights:

* new font and layout is the exact same size on all platforms to the pixel
* PDP/PiDiP work out-of-box on Mac OS X
* Gem has working shader support
* many new libraries: mapping, msd,
* [comport] is robust on all platforms
* -font-face and -font-weight command line options

If you want the details, here's the changelog:


* Mac OS X: pidip finds its default font again
* Debian/Ubuntu: some minor cleanups in the package
* included setuid security fix from Miller (hence bumped up version to 0.39.3


* Mac OS X: added default prefs separate from embedded prefs
* GNU/Linux: added embedded prefs
* Mac OS X: updated msd/2D/3D from http://grrrr.org/ext/beta/pd/osx/
* Windows: reg settings for loading libs now in installer
* Mac OS X and Windows: added xsample to load by default
* Mac OS X: switched Cmd-T to fontpanel
* Mac OS X: added Cmd-click to toggle editmode
* font and box size tweaks to make everything fit in the boxes
* Debian and Ubuntu: Created quick hack debian package
* added ggee to default libraries to load
* GNU/Linux: PiDiP finds the fonts by default now


* pdp and pidip support quicktime/mjpeg/png
* included list-abs now works properly with 0.39.2
* Gem font support on Mac OS X is now included!
* delread~/delwrite~ bug fixed
* sqrt~ bug fixed


* Bitstream Vera Sans Mono is now default font on Windows and GNU/Linux
* Monaco is the default font on Mac OS X
* fixed GUI size, should actually be the same size on all platforms now
* pdp and pidip should support quicktime/mjpeg/png and theora now
* pdp_ieee1394 included on Mac OS X
* the Mac OS X package looks much better, thanks to Stffn http://dibidut.dk
* default preferences are embedded into the Pd.app on Mac OS X
* revamped font flags and added '-font-weight' flag
* it's still missing Gem font support on Mac OS X :(
* the delread~/sqrt~ bug is still not fixed :(


* DejaVu Sans Mono is now default font
* same sizes and layout on all platforms


* Gem should be installed and working on all platforms
* the MSD (Mass-Spring-Damper) externals are included
* included Thomas Grill's Mac/Intel fixes for iemlib and cyclone
* Universal binaries for flext externals


* Lots of random little bugs fixed


* Much has changed, this test release should have benefitted a lot from the nightly autobuilds and a few workshops to stress test them


* all of creb should be included now on all platforms
* updated version of [hid] for Mac OS X


* Added iem_ambi and iem_bin_ambi libraries
* Cleaned up the doc folders
* Removed the annoying close confirm
* Added latest Gem test builds
* Writing to the serial port using [comport] now works on Windows


* included Mapping lib, RRADical, pixelTANGO
* included intro workshop sketches


* Basically minimal changes from Pd-0.38.4-extended, just enough to get it to build

Posted by Hans-Christoph Steiner 2007-10-21

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