#90 make [object] in comments "help-able"


Probably not the best way to phrase it, but say you have the following comment:
"To convert a symbol to a list, check out the [s2l] object."

When you right-click on the text "[s2l]", it would be helpful if the menu had an additional option to get help for the [s2l] object.
This would solve the problem of how to safely refer to externals in the "Related Objects" section of help docs, while still providing links to their respective help patches.

If the [s2l] object does not exist, pd could open a kind of generic 404-error help patch giving the common reasons why pd can't find the object (e.g., typo, library not loaded, not available on a particular os, etc.).


  • Hans-Christoph Steiner

    yeah, a full-on comment object would be really nice to have, with font support, multi-language localization, and links... the cyclone comment object does the font stuff, and the pddplink object does the link stuff, someone just needs to combine them into an über-comment.

  • Jonathan Wilkes

    Jonathan Wilkes - 2010-01-07

    That's a great idea, but it still wouldn't have the functionality I'm describing. In your uber-comment, you'd have to link directly to an object's help-file. This is not good because the author of an external can specify one of several locations for the help-patch (e.g., *-help.pd, or the object itself if it's an abstraction). Additionally, if the author makes changes (or if pd's help patch location changes) you'd have to update all the links manually.

    I'm thinking something like [pddplink osc~ -help]. So when you click the link, pd checks to see if [osc~] exists; if it does, you get the same behavior clicking the link as if you had right-clicked and chosen help for [osc~]. If it doesn't exist, either output a msg to the console or bring up a generic "Object not found" patch (or both).



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