#2 Provide global configuration settings

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It would be great to have a system wide default

For packaging Pd, some system wide configuration is
very useful, especially to set up paths to abstraction
libraries or local externals. On Unix-ish systems these
configuration would life in /etc/pdrc, Windows-ish
systems probably will use the Registry.


  • Frank Barknecht

    Frank Barknecht - 2004-10-20
    • priority: 3 --> 5
  • Guenter  Geiger

    Guenter Geiger - 2004-10-21

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    The new settings file starting from version 0.38 will be called
    ".pdsettings" (on unix) and it will be a registry entry on

    Maybe it should be /etc/pdsettings then, to avoid confusion
    (I suppose the .pdrc will go away).

    Another point is that it would be great to have the
    possibilities of changing the settings on a per project
    basis. (e.g the number of
    channels, the latency settings required by a patch, which
    soundcard, MIDI device to connect to).

    We also had this soundcard name against number discussion, I
    am not sure I still can remember what came out of that, but as
    far as I know Thomas Grill brought it up.

    Well, all a bit more complicated than the system wide settings,
    but still worth to think about and loosely related.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    this is a good idea frank, but I would extend it so that we
    can use multiple configurations all stored in the same file.
    Each configuration could have a name associated. When you
    start PD it opens the "default" settings. You can then go to
    a pull-down menu to find what other configurations have been
    created and choose one of those (and then restart pd).
    Optionally we could have a command-line argument to start a
    specific configuration pd -config default or pd -config
    experimental and or a menu at startup to choose the
    configuration. -B. Bogart

  • IOhannes m zmölnig

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    another idea would be a "-rcfile <file>"-flag;
    + giving that flag on the command-line could defeat the
    reading of the "default"-settings (whether they are in the
    registry or stored in a file)
    + giving that flag within an rc-file would allow to stack
    several rc-files (e.g. all the users .pdsettings refer
    additionally to /etc/pd/settings for the system-wide defaults)
    this is of course quite file-based



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