#135 feature request for objects


1) create midii object with One input one output
2) create midiinfo object
3) create umenu object
4) add a possibility to modify argument of one object when you change the police size ( actually not working)
5) create umenu object


  • IOhannes m zmölnig

    please be more specific: if you only specify the name of an object, chances are high that nobody will know how to implement them (if the functionality is not so important you can always create an abstraction named e.g. "midii.pd" yourself and be done with it)

    i have absolutely no clue what a [midii], a [midiinfo] and a [umenu] object should do.
    i can guess that [midii] and [midiinfo] are somewhat related (and related to MIDI). but how does [umenu] fit into that? (and why do you have "create umenu object" twice?

    what does #4 mean? what is the "policy size"? what do you mean by "modify the argument of one object"? what do you want to achieve? the argument of an object is something the user has explicitely specified, changing that at will is probably a bad idea.

    finally, are you sure that all these features need to go into Pd-core? can they be implemented as an external? if so, it would probably be better to not assign the features to a specific person.

    in any case, please create multiple tickets if you need multiple features. a ticket will be closed once it is "accomplished", which is hard to do if there are multiple requests in one ticket and e.g. somebody decides that they will implement 2 of them and that the other 3 will definitely not go into Pd.

  • IOhannes m zmölnig

    • status: open --> pending


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