#128 disable save-shortcuts (ctrl+s etc)


normally the keyboard-layout is very handy and intelligent.
Mouse in right hand, keyboard in the left one and you can code in lightspeed.

But there are these save-shortcuts right in between! In short, because "s" is surrounded by many other frequently used commands (e.g. ctrl+e...) there is the chance you do something you don't want to do, and you even can't revert your actions since saving is non-conservative (you just overwrite that file...)
You might not even take notice what you did, - well maybe until you reopen your patch and wonder why nothing works...
I guess there are three choices:
-disable save-shortcuts (This would be savest; eg. a menu where the user can activate/deactivate//reroute all shortcuts)
-place them somewhere else on the keyboard
-at least change "ctrl+s" with "ctrl+S" (So change the shortcut for "save" with "save as..." That way it would be rather unlikely to save s.th. by accident, 'cause "ctrl+S"="ctrl+shift+s" is not so easily hit by accident and if you hit "save as..." you still get a window popping up.

PS. The same goes for undo/redo-shortcuts, cause undo/redo isn't conservative as well... (so with the 1st idea, I'd just rip out all non-conservative shortcuts)

Personally I don't feel good with that non-conservative layout.. Imagine you type some text somewhere inside you pd-program, slip off somewhere and suddenly it happens... Or you leave your patch and computer, and a friend/child/unknown/who-ever comes over messing around with your keyboard and then it happens.. Or maybe more likely, you worked all day/deep into the night with pd so you are tired and a little confused and suddenly it happens... Or you're having a free-style--on-the-fly performance, that already sounds chaotically chaotic, and suddenly it happens..
...well I guess there are better examples, but you might get the idea...
I don't want to know how many times I saved something by accident -- and I can't because I did it by accident... torturing thoughts.
Thx & bye


  • Nobody/Anonymous

    one more...
    If you don't use pd for program(m)ing but only for presentation! -You don't want anyone to be able to change anything at your patches or even quit the whole program by hitting the quit-shortcut for instance.. so disabling them would be nice here and there..

  • Hans-Christoph Steiner

    I recommend you look at GUI plugins. You can relatively easily customize all of the keybindings anyway that you want them:

  • Hans-Christoph Steiner

    • status: open --> open
  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I didn't know plugins could do that..
    So "GUI-plugin" is a little irritating.. or why is it called like that?!

    PS: Please can you tell me if it's possible to write a plugin which colorizes the cables according to the order of creation (per outlet)??? ...if there is no way, I don't have to look into it - for now..
    An answer to this would be very important to me ..as some first steps & motivation..
    I bet someone with tcl-skills could do that in 5mins - anyways...

    PPS: Now this really does not belong here, but just let me inform you guys that some browsers complain about missing certificates of the puredata.info website. Actually only some pages seem to be "wrong". This just supports my paranoia ;)

  • IOhannes m zmölnig

    "GUI-plugins" are called "GUI-plugins" because they are plugins (extensions,...) that live soleley on the GUI side of Pd (Pd has a master-slave architecture, where the master (interpreter that controls DSP and messages) controls the slave (the user interface, aka GUI).

    and please only report one issue per ticket. your count is now 3 (colorized cables is another feature request; and the cert-problem is really bug-report), but you might find it easier to get a proper response on the pd-list or the IRC.

  • IOhannes m zmölnig

    • status: open --> open
  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Hey, better late than never, I hope that goes for me too..
    Thanks for the infos. Please let me post one more related question (..or 3..), to get it.. So that means I could change everything I see with the right GUI-plugin?! So theoretically (I don't like it, anyways) I could change the straight cables to "Max-style" ones (=creating labyrinths w. connections from cable to cable)?!
    Will it even be possible to say "I want the objects to be executed according to the position from right to left (like in Max)"??

    To be honest, my count of bugs and FRs is much higher than 3. And I got lots more (both FRs & bugs..)
    Indeedly the "colored cables" come from myself (how did you know?!), but what is the "cert-problem" (-related to the puredata.info-site or what) ??

    If I visit the IRC, I'm always the only one there...
    PS.: why is "Pd Computer Music System" listed under "Graphics/3d-Rendering"???



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