#122 show # of [s]/[r]'s in subpatch on subpatch


Here is another idea..
Since pd is a graphical programing software, why not make the "wlan-cables" :) visible as well.
Personally, I tend to not use [s]/[r]'s if possible, since one (at least me) forgets, where the objects have been placed, especially if one has highly "nested" structures. ..But having nested structures is the only time when one rather needs [s]/[r]'s.
So, what's about indicating if there are [s]/[r]s somewhere inside the subpatch, on the subpatch-object or in the subpatch (on the subpatch-canvas)??
..Maybe something like a "shown-on-demand" list containing the [s]/[r]'s names.
..Or at least just a symbol (the letters "s" and/or "r" or a dot or whatever). Better than nothing!!!

PS: This sounds so easy, if I only could access some sort of savefile of a patch, without the need to save it (like in memory, or something - I'm not a hardcore-programmer) I could even analyse the file with pd itself, and draw something on the appropriate canvas via "dynamic-patching"...

Bye & I'd like to read of any resopnse... (just for the motivation)


  • Hans-Christoph Steiner

    I think having a way to see how all of the sends and receives are interconnected would be very valuable. I hope you implement something. The pd-dev list is a good place to discuss this idea.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I'm sorry, I have no idea of 'real' programming or pd's inside..
    I just can give some inspirations..

    ..isn't this automatically posted on there as well?!

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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